Car Accident Attorney

As one of the leading causes of death and personal injury, car accidents have become a daily occurrence on our roads and highways.  Car wrecks  can have devastating consequences. Although injured victims and their families have legal avenues available to help them recover compensation for their damages, the efforts of large insurance companies often result in injured victims being unfairly compensated.  If you or a loved one have been involved in a car accident  and looking for an attorney, give our office a call to: The Osiris A. Gonzalez Law Firm, P.L.L.C.
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18-Wheeler / Company Truck Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a 18 wheeler truck accident, or in a company truck accident,  you may face a lifetime of struggle, including chronic pain and loss in mobility. In some cases, truck accidents lead to injuries that prove fatal, resulting in a potential wrongful death lawsuit. If you’ve been injured in a trucking accident or if you have lost a loved one due to an accident involving a semi-truck / company truck,  you have options. Get in touch with an experienced attorney who can protect your rights. At OAG Law Firm, we are committed to help individuals injured in a trucking collision obtain the maximum compensation they rightfully deserve.

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Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle or bicycle wrecks can be life changing and devastating. Distracted driving has now become one of the the leading causes of roadway collisions in the nation. Being injured by a motorist while on your bike can leave you debilitated for months or it may even take years to recover.

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Oilfield Accident

The increased demand of crude oil and natural gas have created a marked increase in drilling activity in the U.S. oil and gas industry. The increased demand for crews and equipment has put additional pressures on the industry to use inexperienced workers and unsafe equipment. This has led to an increase in work injuries from blowouts, pipeline explosions and other well site accidents. On-site injuries and fatalities are not the only concern plaguing the oil and gas industry. Truck transportation to and from sites has harmed not only oilfield workers, but also those in surrounding communities.

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Wrongful Death

When an individual dies due to the negligence, misconduct, or inaction of another person, the family of the victim can file a wrongful death lawsuit against the responsible party. At OAG Law Firm we help the families of death victims by filing a wrongful death lawsuit and holding those irresponsible and unsafe drivers and companies accountable.

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Our  excellent attorneys at Osiris Gonzalez Law Firm, P.L.L.C., will work aggressively to obtain the compensation that you deserve if you or your loved one has been injured by another motorist in the Rio Grande Valley. We will:

  • Conduct a detailed investigation of your car accident;
  • Preserve crucial evidence;
  • Identify all potentially at-fault parties who may be liable;
  • Determine the value of your losses, including medical bills and lost income;
  • Prepare and submit a claim reflecting the full extent of your losses;
  • Negotiate with the at-fault driver’s insurance company;
  • Keep you informed of our progress on your case and any settlement offer;
  • File a lawsuit seeking damages if a settlement cannot be obtained.
  • Osiris A. Gonzalez Injury Attorneys is the #1 choice in  personal injury lawyers located right here in Mission Texas. We are ready to hear your story, give us a call at 956-583-4404 today.